Video Work

The Blithedale Romance – August, 2012

At the tail end of the Summer of 2010, I began shooting footage of an indie rock trio, The Blithedale Romance, as they recorded their first EP, and played their first big show at Hangar 84 in Vineland. The EP was scrapped, and so too was the footage, but through that time I became the band’s official photographer and videographer. I’ve been following them on and off ever since, and in July 2012, they recorded their first for-real-this-time-guys EP, KING. Over the course of one feverish, sleepless night, I put together a promo video for them consisting of some of the footage I shot in studio.

Scott vs Panarella – Spring, 2010

These videos were made to promote a 5K run that happens every year at my high school called the Precious Gems 5K Fun Run/Walk. We wanted to do something fun, with the year winding down, and me and an English teacher came up with these, which actually were made and played all in one week. All three episodes are here for your viewing pleasure. And to be honest? I can almost watch it without cringing!

The Studio – 2009-2010

The Studio started when I was in my sophomore year of high school by some talented people as a sort of poke at The Office. Those kids, graduated, as kids do, and The Studio went away, until I reached my senior year. Then, with my writing partner, Will Rogers, we brought it back with a vengeance. There were five episodes, but we had always planned to do more. The whole episodes were a lot funnier than this clip show we put together for the school district’s video production awards, but alas, those are lost to the ages, and a Facebook redesign.

The Mascott Speaks – 2008

In May, 2008, I became involved with an online webcast called R3Y’s GAM3DAY EXTRAVAGANZA, hosted by Rey Gutierrez, a Miami based music video director. Not long after I started watching, he invited me to create content for the site he was setting up, Along with a fellow named Storm,  I worked for Rey for four months or so making The Mascott Speaks, a commentary on games and the games industry.
It became unrealistic to keep up on The Mascott Speaks, and I had to stop making them. The character remains, however, as the incarnation of Mascott I write under when I need to be snarky.
All episodes of The Mascott Speaks are still available for viewing on Youtube, and the select few that I can still bare to adknowledge exist are right here on this page.