Mascott’s Movie Rewind – Evil Dead II

Now that you’ve clicked on this page, it’s worth noting that the Evil Dead 2 Rewind isn’t here.

I’m sorry. I feel like I’ve tricked you and that’s not fair. But maybe you can help me!

You see, I’m putting these articles on my site in early February 2013, copied off a site called, where they were originally written. IK shut down entirely in November, 2012, taking its archives down with it, which caused me to need to put them up here; you get the idea. I’m using the Internet Wayback Machine to retrieve the text of my articles, which did a pretty okay job of archiving the site, except for one Rewind… this one.

If you have any idea where I might be able to find this particular Rewind, I would be eternally in your debt, and also I guess I could probably mail you something neat.

It was originally located at this address.

If you are able to find this article, please email me at!

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