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Mascott vs. The AFI 100

For about the past three years, I’ve written a lot about movies. I mean look at this whole page of now completely dead working links! It’s certainly not as much as most of the people I’ve worked with, who currently do it to live, but certainly more than I would have imagined writing when I started. […]

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“The Cashier’s Christmas”

Here’s a short film I made for Christmas. You could watch it in this post, but you really should watch it in HD on Vimeo, because it looks much better and there are word jokes that are hard to see in SD.

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Ain’t it Cool News & Mascott

I just had my first articles go up over at Ain’t it Cool News. I think that makes me a real journalist now, guys!
Well. Kinda.
I’ll be putting more up there throughout the week, so just hold onto your britches. Before I can put up a post about NYCC here on, I’ll be finishing up […]

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My Raiders of the Lost Ark Story – A Tragedy

I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I mean, I know what happened, and why it happened, I just… I’m having trouble dealing with  it.
Yesterday I found out that RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK would be in theatres again, for one week, in IMAX. I exploded with excitement. I couldn’t believe my luck – that […]

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Remembering the Dead – Episode One

My new column is here! I’m working with once again to bring you “REMEMBERING THE DEAD,” a weekly recap of THE WALKING DEAD.
I think it’s pretty all right! And it’ll get better as I begin to understand how recaps work!
You can read it at this link, and every week there’ll be a new column up at around […]

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