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The Worst Idea I’ve Ever Had: Announcing Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney Trilogy

Judge – “Sorry I’m late everyone. The delays have been terrible and traffic has been out of control all week. Anyway, let’s get this on with. Court is now in session in the trial of Capcom and Level-5 versus the Nintendo 3DS owning people of the United States of America. Would the prosecution like to […]

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Runner2, Need for Speed, and the Art of the Asynchronous “Fuck You”

Have you guys been enjoying BIT.TRIP Presents: Runner2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien? You should give it a shot, because it’s a lot of fun.

Let me take a moment to stray from the point I haven’t even hinted at making to say how wonderful I think the BIT.TRIP series was, as a whole. Beat, Core, […]

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So Long, 1UP

I don’t know exactly when I started reading, but I do know that it was before I ever┬ávisited┬áKotaku, Gamasutra, or even Penny Arcade.
It was probably sometime after I asked my dad to buy me a copy of EGM while he was in the checkout line at Blockbuster.
It was definitely before I won that sweepstakes […]

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Aliens: Colonial Marines article up @ Ain’t it Cool News

Why not take a look over there for my thoughts on what I saw?
NYCC – Mascott Has Plenty Of Chest-Bursting Love For What He Sees Of SEGA’s ALIENS: COLONIAL MARINES

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How I Learned to Love FEZ

It had been a long night. I’d been due in at the box office where I had been volunteering at 11 the next morning; I woke up at 11:22. I texted the girl working before me to apologize profusely, but she said it was okay, and that she would take care of my one-hour shift. […]

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In Which Our Hero Considers His Habits, And Adventure Games

Every time I get a solid writing gig, I’m essentially going to be writing about one of two things.


Video Games

Without fail, about three months into whatever job I get, I get incredibly bored and disillusioned by the topic I’m writing about at the moment, and leave that job to pursue the other thing. This is […]

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