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You know, I wasn’t sure where the right place to post this announcement was. My Twitter? My Facebook?
It had to be here, on this website no one looks at.
So here’s the deal. I’ll be teaming up once again with my longtime colleague, The Infamous Billy the Kidd, on his new website, “This Is Infamous.” I’ll […]

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Mascott’s Movie Rewind Now Available

Last night I spent a few hours trawling through’s Internet Wayback Machine to rescue my old column, Mascott’s Movie Rewind, from the fires of internet oblivion. If you’re so inclined, you can now take a look through those VERY old articles.
I beg you, though: Please don’t judge me or my writing based on […]

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Two New Walking Dead Recap Posts!

Hey! It’s me again! I’ve got some new posts for you, both from They’re the recaps on episode two and three of The Walking Dead, and you can read them here and here.

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