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Things that are meant to make you chuckle. (Well they try.)

The Worst Idea I’ve Ever Had: Announcing Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney Trilogy

Judge – “Sorry I’m late everyone. The delays have been terrible and traffic has been out of control all week. Anyway, let’s get this on with. Court is now in session in the trial of Capcom and Level-5 versus the Nintendo 3DS owning people of the United States of America. Would the prosecution like to […]

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“You had me at ‘Free Suit.'”


UPDATE 2/12/13:

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“The Cashier’s Christmas”

Here’s a short film I made for Christmas. You could watch it in this post, but you really should watch it in HD on Vimeo, because it looks much better and there are word jokes that are hard to see in SD.

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On My Business Cards and the Stressful Art of Their Creation

I remember reading once, in the nebulous thousands of articles of varied subjects that I’ve partaken of over the years, that the toughest part of starting any career is choosing the design of your business card.
Of course, for someone whose title happens to be “Freelance Columnist,” it is somewhere between ten and ∞ times harder. I had […]

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Let’s Get This Ball Rolling, Shall We?

How about I actually use this blog for something. I mean I’ve only had it for 856 days, I might as well get started now.

I’ll admit, there’s not a lack of reasoning behind this. I have some things in the works, as I have the past few times I’ve made this same basic post, but for now, […]

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