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I’m Still Here

Not here, on, necessarily. Not where I work, at This Is Infamous. Or making fun videos. Or freelancing anywhere.
But I am here.
On the internet.
I’m around.

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Mascott @

You know, I wasn’t sure where the right place to post this announcement was. My Twitter? My Facebook?
It had to be here, on this website no one looks at.
So here’s the deal. I’ll be teaming up once again with my longtime colleague, The Infamous Billy the Kidd, on his new website, “This Is Infamous.” I’ll […]

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In Which Our Hero Discusses (Or Chooses Not to Discuss) His Schemes

“Oh, another one of these posts.”
I hear you cry.
It’s true that a large amount of what I post on this blog is lamentations on the fact that I don’t post more, accompanied by promises to do so, though I’ve long since stopped apologizing for it. As an update, for people who found a business card […]

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New Year’s Resolution

Boy….remember when I said I’d post 3 times a week? That was a fun week, right guys?
Well, I’ll come out and be completely honest and realistic with this one, I’ll post “Whenever I Can.” I promise, guys.
Anyway, this is a quick doodle I did for my Facebook friends based on a conversation I had at […]

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Writing All Over the Place – Now @!

When I went to New York Comic Con last week for, I never thought I’d come out of it with another column. But here I am! And there it is. (Or, well, will be.)
I met and talked to Jon Brence, the Editor-in-Chief of Ogeeku, but you might know him better as one of the […]

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Well this is awkward.

In Which Our Hero discusses his plans with you, and relates an amusing doodle.

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In Which Our Hero Talks About His Real Job

Mascott DOES have a real job – how did you think he paid for all those Sharpies?

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