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So Long, 1UP

I don’t know exactly when I started reading, but I do know that it was before I ever visited Kotaku, Gamasutra, or even Penny Arcade.
It was probably sometime after I asked my dad to buy me a copy of EGM while he was in the checkout line at Blockbuster.
It was definitely before I won that sweepstakes […]

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“You had me at ‘Free Suit.'”


UPDATE 2/12/13:

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Mascott’s Movie Rewind Now Available

Last night I spent a few hours trawling through’s Internet Wayback Machine to rescue my old column, Mascott’s Movie Rewind, from the fires of internet oblivion. If you’re so inclined, you can now take a look through those VERY old articles.
I beg you, though: Please don’t judge me or my writing based on […]

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Mascott vs. The AFI 100

For about the past three years, I’ve written a lot about movies. I mean look at this whole page of now completely dead working links! It’s certainly not as much as most of the people I’ve worked with, who currently do it to live, but certainly more than I would have imagined writing when I started. […]

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In Which Our Hero Discusses (Or Chooses Not to Discuss) His Schemes

“Oh, another one of these posts.”
I hear you cry.
It’s true that a large amount of what I post on this blog is lamentations on the fact that I don’t post more, accompanied by promises to do so, though I’ve long since stopped apologizing for it. As an update, for people who found a business card […]

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“The Cashier’s Christmas”

Here’s a short film I made for Christmas. You could watch it in this post, but you really should watch it in HD on Vimeo, because it looks much better and there are word jokes that are hard to see in SD.

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A Solution to Thinking

I want to listen to a single song while I take my last final exam of the year.



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