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I’m Still Here

Not here, on, necessarily. Not where I work, at This Is Infamous. Or making fun videos. Or freelancing anywhere.
But I am here.
On the internet.
I’m around.

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The Worst Idea I’ve Ever Had: Announcing Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney Trilogy

Judge – “Sorry I’m late everyone. The delays have been terrible and traffic has been out of control all week. Anyway, let’s get this on with. Court is now in session in the trial of Capcom and Level-5 versus the Nintendo 3DS owning people of the United States of America. Would the prosecution like to […]

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An Infamous Quote

After upgrading the theme of This Is Infamous over the weekend, I went back through my old articles looking for broken links. I ended up reading one or two of them, and found this little gem on the subject of Square Enix & their relationship with the App Store. I laughed, so it might be […]

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This Week in Mascott @ This Is Infamous

Being that I’m writing at now, I can’t promise I’ll be posting here. (You know, like, more than I have now.) (Once every three months.) But I will bring a small nugget of Mascott your way by posting what I write over there, on here, each week. Or, well, links to the pieces I […]

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Mascott @

You know, I wasn’t sure where the right place to post this announcement was. My Twitter? My Facebook?
It had to be here, on this website no one looks at.
So here’s the deal. I’ll be teaming up once again with my longtime colleague, The Infamous Billy the Kidd, on his new website, “This Is Infamous.” I’ll […]

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Working Hard at the Mascott HQ

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Runner2, Need for Speed, and the Art of the Asynchronous “Fuck You”

Have you guys been enjoying BIT.TRIP Presents: Runner2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien? You should give it a shot, because it’s a lot of fun.

Let me take a moment to stray from the point I haven’t even hinted at making to say how wonderful I think the BIT.TRIP series was, as a whole. Beat, Core, […]

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