Who’s Mascott?

Mascott is the alter-ego of writer, director and freelance journalist Scott Mendenko. You may be familiar with his work if you watch public access and happen to live in a very specific uninhabitable part of New Jersey.

He’s been working since December 23rd, 2004, when the first Don’t Judge Me webcomic strip was posted. Don’t Quote Me was the sequel to DJM in 2005, and don’t doodle me, an online blog, began in 2006. DDM concluded in 2009 not long after Mascott was offered a job providing commentary on video games and the games industry in videos posted to Youtube in a series called The Mascott Speaks.

After concluding The Mascott Speaks, he decided to take a small break from creating web content. He directed the second season of the award-winning series, the studio, and directed a series of shorts for the Precious Gems Memorial 5k Run Charity.

On May 4th, 2010, “themascott.com” was registered with the intent of hosting regular content,  but those plans were put on hold when on May 5th, Mascott was offered the opportunity to write a weekly column on films, Mascott’s Movie Rewind, at the then-burgeoning film news website, InfamousKidd.com. While he was there, he also worked on a number of other things. These included a failed short film, two parts of a three-part television series, and enough footage of a particular rock band for no less than four entirely unedited documentaries.

After InfamousKidd.com closed down, Mascott decided it was time to hunker down, and began in earnest his actual career in online writing. He contributed columns at Jon Brence’s Ogeeku.com, and did a bit of freelance work for movie news giant Ain’t It Cool News.

When Billy Donnelly was famously “fired over Facebook” in 2012, Mascott joined him at his new venture, ThisIsInfamous.com as the Senior Games Editor, where he worked until the site gracefully rode into the sunset back in 2016.

Not long ago, Scott remembered that he had been paying for a website and not doing a thing with it, and here we are today. He has no idea what he’s doing, but hey, isn’t that where all of the best stuff in the world starts?

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