The Worst Idea I’ve Ever Had: Announcing Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney Trilogy

judge-talking-croppedJudge – “Sorry I’m late everyone. The delays have been terrible and traffic has been out of control all week. Anyway, let’s get this on with. Court is now in session in the trial of Capcom and Level-5 versus the Nintendo 3DS owning people of the United States of America. Would the prosecution like to please present its case?”

edgeworth-paperEdgeworth – “Certainly your honor. The prosecution alleges that Level-5 and Capcom’s delayed release of PROFESSOR LAYTON VS PHOENIX WRIGHT ACE ATTORNEY has been an unacceptable one for fans of the series, causing those fans irreparable and criminal harm. The prosecution also alleges that the delay has been without cause, as an English localization of the game was produced by Nintendo of Europe for release in March of 2014.”

judge thinking actualJudge – “Mmm. Yes, I can certainly see why that would be a problem. Especially with an English language version already produced and it certainly feels that English speaking fans ARE seeing fewer and fewer games coming stateside in both respective series’. The cards seem stacked in your favor, Mr. Edgeworth. And Mr. Wright, how does the defense plead?”

phoenix-talkingPhoenix – “The defense pleads not guilty, your honor, on the reason of the defense’s claims being completely unfounded.”

judge surprised smallJudge – “Oho! Mr. Wright, that is quite an accusation to bring against the court, and against the illustrious Prosecutor Edgeworth. I hope you have proof to back up your claim!”phoenix-talking

Phoenix – “I do, your honor. Allow the defense to present exhibit A. This awful, awful idea for a post. This can’t go on. Never mind.”

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