Writing All Over the Place – Now @ Ogeeku.com!

When I went to New York Comic Con last week for InfamousKidd.com, I never thought I’d come out of it with another column. But here I am! And there it is. (Or, well, will be.)

I met and talked to Jon Brence, the Editor-in-Chief of Ogeeku, but you might know him better as one of the writers and actors over at SMBC Theater,  for a while, and to my complete surprise, he offered me a job writing for them. I’ll be writing about video games to start, and with my current WALKING DEAD recap column, Remembering the Dead, perhaps I’ll be able to circumvent the dreaded “Mascott Cycle.”


Of course, I’ll post the link my first column here and just about everywhere else I possible can. So look forward to it, and check out Ogeeku.com!

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