Well this is awkward.

I guess we’re back here again then. Ten months since the last post and I have absolutely nothing to show for it.

Oh this isn't an excuse I'm just bragging.

But after taking my time off, I’m back on the wagon. Writing up a storm all over the place like you wouldn’t believe. As for the first thing you’ll be seeing, I’m not entirely sure how much I should say, but I WILL say that I’ve got a stint coming up that’ll involve around a dozen articles about something in the broad spectrum of “television.” You’ll be able to follow along weekly starting next Monday, and if you like awesome things you will most definitely be interested in these articles.

Along with that article and also starting next week, I’ll be writing a short weekly column here called “Nerd Rage,” about just exactly how that week’s episode of AMC’s THE WALKING DEAD was different from the comics. There’s at least three other things in the pipeline that you can look forward to sometime in the next six months, but while you wait, enjoy this drawing of Mascott arguing over the amount of change he received from a burrito vendor.

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