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Ain’t it Cool News & Mascott

I just had my first articles go up over at Ain’t it Cool News. I think that makes me a real journalist now, guys!
Well. Kinda.
I’ll be putting more up there throughout the week, so just hold onto your britches. Before I can put up a post about NYCC here on, I’ll be finishing up […]

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The Family Reunion: A Mascott Recap of How I Met Your Mother – Season 8, Episode 1 – “Farhampton”

The Family Reunion

When I wrote for the now defunct, my regular column was a weekly recap of The Walking Dead, a fantastic show on AMC that I’m sure you’re already aware of. The column ran until the site ceased operations at the end of February, and I really enjoyed doing those weekly articles. I was told […]

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My Raiders of the Lost Ark Story – A Tragedy

I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I mean, I know what happened, and why it happened, I just… I’m having trouble dealing with  it.
Yesterday I found out that RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK would be in theatres again, for one week, in IMAX. I exploded with excitement. I couldn’t believe my luck – that […]

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How I Learned to Love FEZ

It had been a long night. I’d been due in at the box office where I had been volunteering at 11 the next morning; I woke up at 11:22. I texted the girl working before me to apologize profusely, but she said it was okay, and that she would take care of my one-hour shift. […]

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Remembering the Dead – Episode One

My new column is here! I’m working with once again to bring you “REMEMBERING THE DEAD,” a weekly recap of THE WALKING DEAD.
I think it’s pretty all right! And it’ll get better as I begin to understand how recaps work!
You can read it at this link, and every week there’ll be a new column up at around […]

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In Which Our Hero Considers His Habits, And Adventure Games

Every time I get a solid writing gig, I’m essentially going to be writing about one of two things.


Video Games

Without fail, about three months into whatever job I get, I get incredibly bored and disillusioned by the topic I’m writing about at the moment, and leave that job to pursue the other thing. This is […]

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