In Which Our Hero Discusses (Or Chooses Not to Discuss) His Schemes

“Oh, another one of these posts.”

I hear you cry.

It’s true that a large amount of what I post on this blog is lamentations on the fact that I don’t post more, accompanied by promises to do so, though I’ve long since stopped apologizing for it. As an update, for people who found a business card I gave them at some point, and, wondering who the guy with his name in a big stupid font on the front of a tiny business card was, they checked this website:

I’m now the legitimate intern at Ain’t It Cool News. At least, I think I am. I’m allowed to tell people about it, so I assume they have no shame about it, or they’ve come to deal with that amount of shame. I spend my time transcribing interviews with people more famous than I’d ever be allowed to talk to. You know how the guy who spends 20 years of his life in prison breaking rocks for twelve hours a day become really good at breaking rocks? That’s how the past eight months have been for me. I’m now really good at transcription, which, and I’m sure will be a useful skill if I ever want to look into a career as a court stenographer.

As for my own projects, they’re… Well they’re as concrete as they’ve ever been. One of my new Year’s Resolutions was to make one short film a month for 12 months, after Cashier’s Christmas, my last short, took only two days to put together. This resolution has since been amended to, “Make 12 Short Films,” as finishing up two simultaneous degrees at college has made this semester the, “Finish the requirements you really weren’t looking forward to taking” semester. But those short films *will* happen. I’d very much like to get good at making them.

FAIRFIELD, the web series I talked about a few months ago, is looking less and less likely to come together in the way my writing partner and I wanted it to due to just a hundred contributing factors. Regardless of the circumstances keeping us from making the full run of the series, I don’t think that it’s the last you’ll hear from me on the topic.

Also I do not promise to post more.

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