Let’s Get This Ball Rolling, Shall We?

How about I actually use this blog for something. I mean I’ve only had it for 856 days, I might as well get started now.

Guys! I learned what Reddit is!

I’ll admit, there’s not a lack of reasoning behind this. I have some things in the works, as I have the past few times I’ve made this same basic post, but for now, for both of us, it’s totally and 100% real.

I’ll be at New York Comic Con again this year, writing for a site I’m not sure I’m allowed to say anything about yet. See me there! I’ll give you a business card, because I bought 150 of them and each one is graced with my name in stupidly and hilariously large print. It’s also got this website on it, hence the starting of the content.Soon I’ll also be bringing back the apparently a more widely read than I had realized fan (?!) favorite, Remembering the Dead.

I can’t imagine they’d be pleased with the thing already being branded as “Infamous.”

That’ll be showing up at another website I don’t think wants their plans publicized. But seriously? Guys? It’s a big one.

But in the meantime, let me show you something of what I’ve been in pre-production on for the past four months. This one is still happening, just not in the most immediate of futures.

This gives you nothing and far too much at the same time.

This is a web series that myself and my friend Rob are planning to shoot. It’s basically a comedy series to the effect of “Parks and Recreation meets Scrubs at a community college, except not like Community.” It follows three separate students, each with separate stories, casts of friends and outlooks on being in community college. The pilot didn’t come together as well as I’d have liked, but it’s not something I’m just going to put down, though.

I’ll be posting here too! I hope, at least – I know I’ve made that promise before but if I know people I want to impress are going to be getting business cards with this website on it fairly soon, I’d like to populate with some decent stuff to look at.

Here’s to the future!

Or the alternate present. But man, what a badass.

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