Exactly How Much is Too Much ‘How I Met Your Mother’

(OR, “How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Cobie Smulders”)

In the eight days following my breakup, I’ve watched How I Met Your Mother from Season 1, Episode 1 all the way to Season 4, Episode 22.

Let’s break this down.

HIMYM is about 20 minutes per episode. (It’s the length of the one I have playing now, and it makes the math mercifully easy.) There are, obviously, sixty minutes in an hour and 24 hours in a day. It’s been eight days since my breakup, which is 192 hours total. In the grand scheme of the series, Season 4, Episode 22 (“Right Place Right Time”) is episode #86.

20 x 86 = 1720 minutes of HIMYM watched, total.

1720 / 60 = 28.66667 hours watched.

28.66667 / 192 = .15 (Rounded up from .1493)

That number means that in the past 8 days – day or night – awake or asleep – TOTAL – I’ve spent 15% of my time watching How I Met Your Mother.

Don’t think about that too hard. You’ll cry.

(Reposted from Tumblr; December 24th, 2011)

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